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Property code: D1 House location
Property type: House
Property location: Old Town
Dimension: 212 m2
Price: Upon request

House photo through Old Town gate of Ploce

Property description: Top floor apartment

Real estate for sale is 3/4 of a house on the best location in Dubrovnik, the very entrance to the old town. Dimension of the property is 215 m2 (2315 sq. ft.)
More precise for sale is entire house except the ground floor.
In the ground floor are bistro and a rent-a-car agency. It is newly renovated house. Entire property is air-conditioned and the house has hi-speed internet connection.

On the 1st floor are : 1 small studio apartment ; and 2 rooms (+ kitchen and 2 bathrooms) apartment with balcony.
On the 2nd floor are 4 rooms with 4 bathrooms, hallway and a balcony.
On the 3rd ( top floor ) is 2 rooms apartment.


Contact: One of the rooms on the 2nd floor
Address: Frana Supila 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Phone: n/a
Fax: n/a

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